September 30th, 2012





Christopher Hart - Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy

Found this on my harddrive, I’m not sure if I downloaded the pdf as a joke or as legitimate help. But copy-pasting the same body for a woman is /not/ how you draw. I was scrolling through this with pretty good hopes that this was going to be a decent explanation of the comic medium in general and how anatomy can be pushed without falling into Esher girl territory.


Take most “Lets draw design comic characters” books with a huuuge grain of salt.

i like that basically u can see whats wrong with the way we view women just right here in “body shapes”

this is absolutely ridiculous


The people who use the term “cutting edge” tend to be some of the most mainline, inside the box thinkers ever born.

These charts suck for everyone. With women, there’s the idea that there’s only one body type you can be. The only difference seems to be hair. With men, there are more body types, but there seems to be this idea that your body type determines your personality and character. You can’t really use actual real-life body types as symbolism for being good or evil.

Pretty much just don’t ever take Christopher Hart seriously.

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    "You can’t draw brutish women because you’ll lose the attractiveness." Cus we all know that a woman’s purpose in life is...
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