September 3rd, 2012


25 MORE Ways to Drop a Dress Size

  1. Power up your probiotics. To aid in weight loss, you should add food high in probiotics, like low-sugar greek yogurt. Substituting high-sugar and high-fat snacks for food naturally probiotic rich will help you lose weight by reducing your calorie and fat intake and curbing hunger. Try and go for a yogurt with 15g of sugar or less per serving.
  2. Whey less! Leucine, a major component in whey protein, takes energy from rich fat cells and gives it to undernourished muscle tissue. By reducing your calorie intake and taking one or two protein supplements a day, you could lose more fat and gain more muscle than if you just reduced your caloric intake.
  3. Get Quality Sleep. Lack of sleep can throw our appetite hormones out of whack – leptin (the hormone in charge of signaling to your brain that you’re full) levels are lower and ghrelin (the one that tells your brain you’re still hungry) are higher in the sleep-deprived.
  4. Get Your Move On. When fat is burned by exercise, blood picks up fat and carries it to the exercising muscle fibers to be burned for fuel. An increase in blood flow to fat cells means that more fat has been removed from fat cells and delivered to muscles. Not to mention, exercise burns extra calories, boosts your mood and may help you feel more energized.
  5. Eat a protein rich breakfast. Research has shown that eating protein-rich eggs instead of carb-heavy foods like bagels can help you lose up to 65 percent more weight. But, if you can’t stomach eating eggs first thing in the morning, try a smoothie instead. You’ll love Warner’s 220 calorie breakfast smoothie recipe (which also includes whey protein so you’ll double your pound shedding benefits): In a blender, mix together one scoop of whey isolate protein powder, 1 teaspoon of no-sugar added peanut butter, ¼ cup of instant, uncooked oatmeal, ¼ cup mixed frozen berries, ¼ cup frozen spinach and a dash of water (add more or less water depending on how thick you like it.)

(Source: fightmeamanda, via healthirea)

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