June 4th, 2012




No-equipment “hands up” workout
This workout can help strengthen your spinal muscles while working on your balance using your core, glutes and legs. And maintaining your arms up during the whole workout will make your shoulders burn. Take your time to perform each exercise in a slow controlled motion.

  • 20 squats
  • 20 alternative backward lunges
  • 20 walking lunges (or alternative forward lunges if you don’t have enough space available)
  • 20 bird dogs
  • 10 warrior III yoga poses on right leg
  • 10 warrior III yoga poses on left leg
  • 10 get down & up starting with right leg (stay in a squat position when you’re up, make those legs burn!)
  • 10 get down & up starting with left leg

It will take you around 25 minutes to perform this circuit 3 times. Keep your abs engaged to protect your lower back!

For more information and ideas to warm up and stretch before and after this workout, please check out the whole post on my Wordpress-blog: www.fitnesstreats.com/2012/04/hands-up-workout

Doing this tonight!

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